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they were sure we had left all of the hostile band
of Crows west of us. And so they decided that
the best thing to do would be to ask the Indians
who they were, before approaching them.

So White Dog rode up on the ridge and
shouted, *Ho-h!'

And then in the sign language he asked them
to sign back the name of their tribe. They
signed back that they were Gros Ventres and
North Assiniboines all camped together; and they
asked us who we were. White Dog signed back
that we were Blackfeet. This did not seem to
put them at ease, for they signed back, asking.,
'Which Blackfeet?5

White Dog and Going Soul were at a loss to
know what to tell them; for our band had In it
members of all four of the Blackfoot bands—the
North Blackfeet, the South Blackfeet, the Bloods,
and the Piegans—and White Dog was not sure
which of these bands might be held as enemies by
the Assiniboines, who were Northern Sioux of
Asslnlbola—now Saskatchewan—and were stran-
gers along the Missouri. So he finally decided on
a ruse. He stood up and made the sign of the
Crees, and then he walked a few paces to the right
and made the sign of the Kootenays, Then he
stepped midway between these two points and
indicated that we lived between these two tribes,
The Gros Ventres and Assiniboines signed back